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Enormous Ocean Breeze

PARENTS: Enormous Brilliant Vegas × Steinroller Odd-Leif
BORN ON: 13.8.2016
HEIGHT: 63 cm
WEIGHT: 32 kg
CARDIAC EXAM: free of genetic diseases
THYROID TEST: Healthy (2018)
EXAMS: Puppy school, NZB, B-BH, ZTP

SHOWS: Junior Club Champion '17, Junior Champion of Slovenia CH.J.SLO, Junior Champion of Croatia CH.M.HR; Alpenjugendsiegerin '17; 4x BOB; 2x BOS; 1x CACIB; 2x CAC; 9x Junior Winner; 8x JBOB; 2x Best puppy (Best Puppy at special show for hovawarts)

---------------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT RIVA ---------------------------------------------------------------------------

Riva is our third hovawart female but first of a black color. After having two black and tan females the change of hair color was welcomed although some family members were surprised by this decision.

She was born in Warsaw, in the kennel named Enormous (breeder Anna Pieczynska). Her father is a black finnish male Steinroller Odd-Leif and mother a polish female with german pedigree Enormous Brilliant Vegas. Thanks to the father her pedigree in not common in Europe. Riva is the only black female from this litter so we can say she is a true daddy's girl. She was born while we were at the seaside, so her pedigree name and call name is not a coincidence.

She finished the puppy school without any problems, she loves to learn new things and tricks. She is very playful, always hungry, loves giving kisses and is wagging all the time. She loves to "fight" for a toy and she takes this fights very seriously, growling like a grown up hovi.

At the age of 6 months we have made the first health test - the DM test, the result came back as DM N/N. At the age of 6 months and 5 days she had her debut in the puppy class and won the class with Very promising 1, Best puppy. At the age of 7 months we passed the NZB. We are successfully continuing her schooling and show career.

And so is Riva growing up. She visited many shows in year 2017. We got some great news about her health: HD A/A, heart free of genetic diseases, healthy thyroid and she also has DNA profile. A week later she also passed B-BH exam (obedience and urban environment). In March 2018 she passed ZTP, organizaed by Hovawart club Slovenia (ZTP is almost same as austrian or german ZTP). Among many shows she attended the two most important ones are surely Club show 2017, where she obtained the title Club junior champion (S. Kerschner) and Special show 2018 where she obtained Excellent 1, CAC in intermedia class (M.Kunze).

She is a perfect family member, very loving, playful, loves giving kisses, loves to be cuddled. She loves fights for the toys and is hungry all time. She is friendly to other dogs and people, she thinks all the dogs are a great company. She loves snow and long walks in a good furry company.

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