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24.12.2018 3RD WEEK

The puppies are growing. Their teeth have started to come, playing is becoming more and more common, and attacks on their toys are constant. They are already curiously looking around and exploring the room. We have also already started with some individual meals every day, and they quite happily gobble down things like milk porridge and curd, raw minced beef, and baby starters. We are beginning to allow visitors and are happy that the future owners are making appointments to come see them. The puppies have already had their first visit, the owners of their father, Alenka and her son Nejc. It was a real joy. We also changed their collars as they were getting too small. The new ones are a lot more visible as well, since the old ones got lost in their fur and made it difficult to tell the puppies apart - yes, they are that similar. Behavior-wise, like in any litter, some are livelier than others, some are happy with less sleep and more playtime, and some the other way around. We've trimmed their claws for the second time already as well, which was easier than the first time.

More about litter "R" litter ex Horto Albo; 3rd week gallery : GALLERY W3; and all movies are here: VIDEOS "R" LEGLO

If you are interested in a black hovawart male feel free to write me tea.pavisic@gmail.com / tanja.pavisic@gmail.com.


Another week passed by so quickly it is impossible to believe it. Time truly flies by. The eyes started to open (first one was green female), slowly they start to realize they are not alone in the whelping box. They are also surprisingly good at walking. We noticed first attempts of playing with each other, so we put many toys in the whelping box and now they can start to explore. We cut their claws for the second time already. On Friday, when they were officially 2 weeks old, the biggest among males was the turquoise boy (1510g) and among girls the yellow one (1500g). All puppies are so equal, they are gaining weight nicely, and looking so similar - we have to admit that knowing which black puppy is who would be very hard without their colorful ribbons. Their hair is also getting longer, so the collars are lately hidden. On Friday we had the first photoshooting. It was quite a challenge and Riva was stealing toys all the time. Boys and girls got their names too, but we don't know who will get what name, yet.

Males: Rio, Rocco, Rufus, Rubik, Rhodos, Roy; Females: Rubia, Rubin, Raya, Reiwa, Rea, Rosinante

More about litter "R" litter ex Horto Albo; 2nd week gallery : GALLERY W2; and all movies are here: VIDEOS "R" LEGLO

If you are interested in a black hovawart male feel free to write me tea.pavisic@gmail.com / tanja.pavisic@gmail.com.


It is almost impossible to believe how fast one week went by. It feels like puppies were born yesterday. We are very happy that all puppies are doing great and gaining weight. At the moment all they do is sleep, eat and repeat. They eat eight times per day, which means every 3h, also during the night and we supervise each feeding because there is 12 puppies and Riva has only 9 teats. Thus it is impossible to feed all puppies at once. With full bellies they fall asleep in few minutes. Riva is also doing fine. First few days after delivery she disliked most of the food so she ate only goodies such as cooked fish, baked fish, cottage cheese with honey, cooked chicken and so on. Thanks do this goodies she managed to provide enough milk for the puppies. First few days she also didn't want to move away from the whelping box but now, a week later, she is super happy when I take a leash and her collar - it's walk time!

More about litter "R" litter ex Horto Albo; first week gallery : GALLERY W1; and all movies are here: VIDEOS "R" LEGLO

If you are interested in a black hovawart male feel free to write me tea.pavisic@gmail.com / tanja.pavisic@gmail.com.


Our "R" litter was born on friday, 30.11.2018. Already a day before Riva was not behaving like she normally does, she didn't want to eat and she was checking out dark places in the house but here temperature was not low enough yet. Because of that I stayed up all night, you know, just in case - better safe than sorry. In the morning, at 7.30 the fist puppy was born. In total she gave birth to 12 puppies without any complications. We have 6 females (3 black and 3 black&tan) and 6 males (5 black and 1 black&tan). We are a little bit surprised by the amount of black puppies, but still we find black hovawarts wonderful, something special. The delivery lasted 10h and it included 2h long brake. The second thing we are surprised about are weights of the puppies. They are all big (when born from 440g till 540g) and are nicely gaining weight. Puppies were born in the following order:

1. Male, black, light blue ribbon, 440g at 7.30
2. Female, black, violet ribbon, 470g at 8.30
3. Male, black, turquoise ribbon, 540g at 9.56
4. Female, black and tan, pink ribbon, 480g at 10.34
5. Female, black and tan, orange ribbon, 480g at 11.03
6. Female, black, green ribbon, 490g at 11.41

7. Female, black and tan, yellow ribbon, 490g at 12.17
8. Male, black and tan, grey ribbon, 460g at 12.59
9. Male, black, red ribbon, 460g at 13.35
10. Male, black, black ribbon, 530g at 15.00
11. Male, black, brown ribbon, 530g at 17.17
12. Female, black, dark blue ribbon, 440g at 17.49

We are publishing fast-made-phone pics, because puppies need all the free time we have. We promise to publish better and nicer photos as soon as possible.

If you are interedted in a puppy, you are welcome to send me an email to tea.pavisic@gmail.com / tanja.pavisic@gmail.com or you can text me on 041 259 578 (Tea) or 031 763 612 (Tanja).

More informatin about the litter: "R" littler ex Horto Albo


Only a few days more till the day "D". Riva still feels good. She didn't want to eat her morning meal for a few days but later around 11.00 her appetite came back and she ate like crazy. We go out almost every 2 hours, seems like the pups are making a lot of pressure on the bladder. I also managed to make a short video of puppies moving in the belly when she was asleep - video is here: click and the most visible movement is at app. 00:19.

More about parents can be found here: Expected "R" litter ex Horto Albo


We are slowly getting ready. Approximately 20 days more and we will meet the puppies. Riva feels good, she is still active, goes on two walks per day, runs after birds and sometimes she brings a toy and wants to play. She eats four times per day now and even that this means she gets a lot of food, she doesn't miss any fridge opening. Any attempt of sneaking cookies or any other goodies is now mission impossible. The belly is getting big and at this time the puppies are growing fast. I also realized how hard it is to make pics of the belly so the size of it would be so good seen as in live. It is really hard if not even impossible. Riva spends all day close to us, she enjoys being in our company and now she loves cuddling even more. This weekend we also started preparing the room where the puppies will be. The whelping box is ready and Riva supervised all the work. We are also done with most important shoppings (milk for pups, drybeds, collars, heating light, food for puppies and so on). We wish that the rest of her pregnancy and also birth passes by with no complications.

More about parents can be found here: Expected "R" litter ex Horto Albo


With huge happiness and pride we are announcing that we are expecting puppies in early december. This week the ultrasound examination confirmed Riva's pregnancy. The father of puppies is international champion Blue Pinus Alpinia. Out of this combination all three possible colors are expected but what mother nature will "mix up" we will see in early december. If you are interested in a puppy you are welcome to send us an email with short presentation of yourself: tea.pavisic@gmail.com or tanja.pavisic@gmail.com.

More about parents can be found here: Expected "R" litter ex Horto Albo


Our Naya is growing up so fast. At the moment she is 54 cm high and has 22 kg. She is very energetic young lady, but a true fighter for a toys - she growls like a grown up hovi. In school she is a very good girl and she doesnt have any problem with learning new exercises. We are adding photos from the latest walk.


On Saturday, 6.10.2018, Tea, Naya, and I headed off to Vrtojba where the 7th special hovawart show took place, this time titled the Club show. The show is organized twice a year by the Hovavard club of Slovenia. As with every other club event, we were in excellent hovi company of all our dear friends. Naya competed in the puppy class from four to six months. She showed the judge Alenka Černe and everyone else at the show that even five-month-old puppies could compete with adult and more experienced dogs. She ran the diagonal and the lap like a true professional (of course, we had practiced that before) and allowed the judge to check her whole body and teeth. The judge gave her a detailed, extremely encouraging description and awarded her with Very perspective 1, best puppy. And so, Naya earned her first rosette. We are very proud that our mischievous little bandit felt relaxed and happy in the crowd and company of mostly adult dogs. We also have a movie oof Naya in the ring.

15.9.2018 CAC TRBOVLJE

On 26.8.2018 we attended another show, this time small national show CAC Trbovlje. It was very cold, rainy and windy day but for our dogs the weather was perfect. For the first time we also registered Naya and she did a great job. Well, not so great as she knows when training at home, but still it was not bad at all. We all know that puppies need some training but I'm sure she will be soon so good at presentations as Riva is. The judge from Portugal, Joao Vasco Pocas, liked her very much and she also managed to put a smile on his face. She got very nice description and grade Very promising 1, Best puppy. For Riva this was another show in champion class and with first place she finished her 5th championship at tender age of only 2 years and 2 weeks. She is now oficially also Show Champion of Slovenia. For this championship hovawart must have 1 CAC from special show (Riva has it from M.Kunze), 2 CAC titles from International show and 2 from national show. The last CAC title for this championship must be achived after the dog is 2 years old, so Riva also holds the record of age when championship was finished!


On Friday, 16.8. Riva successfully passed another health test. We are happy to announce that her eyes are free of genetic diseases. After that we visited family of Blue Pinus Alpinia because they live nearby the clinic. Because Rivas eyes were still a bit sensitive we ate delicious lunch first, had some chat and then we went on a walk, which ended up with swimming and crazy party at the river.

19.8.2018 2nd BIRTHDAY

On 13.8. Riva celebrated her 2nd birthday. We can not believe how time flies. This year we decided to make a special birtday picture at Castle Otočec (very nice place, it is actually the only castle in Slovenia built on a river island). After that we went for a walk and made some new pics. We wish all the best also to the other siblings!


We decided to merge "responsibilities" with fun. About a month ago, we signed Riva up for the CACIB Gradisca d'Isonzo in Italy. And so, the four of us set off on Sunday on a "trip" to our friends in Dekani. As before, the Kofol family welcomed us with open arms. On Monday and Tuesday we attended the show together, and then spent the afternoon in the best of company. The show was harsh on our dogs due to the heat (temperatures close to 40 degrees!), and was in the centre of town in a park. It was well organized, however, with lots of shade and space. Riva celebrated her 2nd birthday on Monday and for the first time competed in the class of champions. The very precise yet kind judge from Serbia gave her a praising description and an Excellent 1, CACIB, and BOB. The second day of the show, this time with an Austrian judge, she earned an equally great description with an Excellent 1 and r. CACIB. We got everything we came to get and were happy with both grades, especially since Riva was considerably younger than the rest of her competition. For Naya, this was her first show, which is an excellent exercise in socialization. She behaved herself perfectly and had no trouble with crowds of people, other dogs, loud noises, or being driven in the car. Her surroundings did not bother her much and she happily allowed herself to relax in the tent and accept belly-rubs from others.

After the hard part of the day was over, we headed back to Dekani, where we cooled off in the river Rižana. Our dogs, Riva, Naya, and Tan, enjoyed the swimming very much. At three and a half months, Naya took a swim for the first time and pleasantly surprised us with how good she was at it. We also took a walk through the beautiful orchards with trees full of delicious figs that were ripe for picking. Huge thanks to the Kofol family for two fantastic days in their home!


Naya is now 3 months old. She is growing up fast, her weight is going up very nicely and she already lost one tooth. Since the day we brought her home she sleeps whole night. She is already best friend with Riva and they play with each other all day long. It is really nice to see such love. On a walk she is following us and runs fast to us when called - she knows she will get something good. She loves to eat and is always hungry. It is hard to describe her happiness when she sees her bowl in my hands.


Yesterday at the CACIB Rogla II show (the showplace is actually at the top of the peak, 1517m, and it is a ski resort in winter!) Riva - Enormous Ocean Breeze - was graded with Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOB.

26.6.2018 NAYA

On sunday, after 10 days of adventures in Warsaw, Tea landed at Brnik international airport with our new familly member. Flying with a puppy is something special - many people took the phone out of their pocket and took a photo, everyone smiles at cute puppy, people are stopping you because they want to pet a puppy, even the cabin crew started to melt when they saw they have a special passenger on board. For me, the most interesting situation was the boarding because the lady of cabin crew did not care about 70 more people waiting to board, she had to ask me questions, she kissed Naya several times, huged her... Who can even resist a puppy on plane. I guess no one. Naya was a very good girl. Just like Riva she slept the whole flight, I had a free seat next to me (thanks to a lady at the check-in) so I had the bag on the seat, wide open. Pedigree name of our new female is Enormous Surprise Surprise. Welcome home Naya.


Evening show IHA Klagenfurt ended up with Riva (Enormous Ocean Breeze) being a new Junior Champion of Austria. She fulfilled the conditions to obtain the title by winning the intermedia class with the following note: Excellent 1, CACA, rCACIB. We are very happy and proud because she was the youngest female of all 4 presented. And because we don't have any good photos from the show are are publishing newest photos from the walk.

5.6.2018 CACIB UMAG

CACIB Umag Show, 6 hovawarts - 3 males and females. Riva was registered in intermedia class and won Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB and BOS. We are very proud of her.


Our beloved Avera is gone. Her heart simply could not keep going anymore and she passed away this morning in my arms.


Beautiful 4xCACIB Zadar where Riva was registered in intermedia class and finished her Croatian Show Championship!


On Sunday, 8.4. we attended 2 shows; national show CAC Barje and Special show for hovawarts, organized by Hovawart club Slovenia. At national show she was judged by Sviatlana Radziuk (BY) and achieved Excellent 1, CAC in intermedia class. At the special show she was also presented in intermedia class (she is now 20 months old). The judge was well known and respected German breeder, Mr. Michael Kunze. Riva achieved Excellent 1, CAC and got very nice and long description. We are very happy and proud of our young girl. The organization of the show was great, the club did again a very good job. It is always a pleasure to be part of their events.


On 17.3. we attended a breeding examination - ZTP - in Domžale. ZTP was organized by Hovawart club Slovenia and was judged by Bojana Razpotnik, Miroslav Zidar and Alenka Černe. There were only two hovis registered for ZTP and many more for NZB/JB. Riva had no problems with any of the situations so she passed the ZTP without the slightest problem. Our ZTP looks very similar to Austrian or German one.

So, to sum up the ZTP: Riva is 63 cm high, has correct bite with all teeth, has dark eyes, great pigmentation, correct ears, correct tail, middle long (she was in heat) dark black hair with no white hairs. She had no problem and played like crazy (as always) with me and with an unfamiliar person (figurant). She had no problem to bring the toy out of a pile of plastic bottles. She is not afraid of gunfire or any other visual or optical situation (doll, sleigh with doll and bells, jumpsuit suddenly appearing in front of her and so on). I'm proud to write that our kennel has new breeding female. More photos (taken by Eva Oven) can be seen here - GALLERY

29.1.2018 NEW PHOTOS

Some new photos from the walk. The girls enjoy the snow very much and are playing like crazy.

We have also made some new health tests with Riva - thyroid test result looks great, we have also received her DNA profile which is one of the conditions to register to ZTP. In Slovenia the conditions to register to ZTP are x-rayed hips, B-BH exam and DNA profile. In february we also participated at CACIB Celje show, where Riva won CAC and so she opened her slovene championship.

16.12.2017 B-BH EXAM

Today Riva successfully passed B-BH exam. B-BH is one of the conditions to apply for the ZTP. The exam consists of 3 parts. 1st part is theoretical exam for the owner, 2nd part is obedience and 3rd part is urban environment (town, people walking by, crossing the road, meeting other dogs and people, shaking hands with unfamiliar person, waiting infront of a building...). The judge was well known mr. Marš Miran. Riva achived 91 points out of 100. I'm happy and proud also because it was totally unknown place - the change of the location happened a day before the exam, but there is not much we can do about it.


On december 8th at vet clinic Jang, a well known cardiologist mr. Firm Igor made an ultrasound and EKG examination of Riva's heart and his conclusion was that it looks perfect. So we are happy to announce that Riva's heart is free of genetic diseases.


The last show of the year was CACIB Zagreb. For the first time I presented Riva in intermediate class (she is 15 months and 2 weeks old). I'm very proud of her behavior in and outside the show ring. She cooperated nicely and was graded by Excellent 1, CAC, CACIB, BOS and Zagreb Winner '17 title. The judge fell in love with her eyes and head in general. Sadly we have no pictures.

23.11.2017 RIVA HAS HD A/A

We have x-rayed Rivas hips and the result could not be better. They are graded with the best possible grade - HD A/A, no sign of dysplasia. The Norberg-Olsson angle is 108 grads on both sides.


We have spent a wonderful sunny weekend at our friends house in Dekani, surrounded by a hundreds of plants of delicious khakis and figs. A true paradise and Riva was more than happy to see their hovi Thank again. The point of the visit was also the Club show of Hovawart club Slovenia and international show, both located in the famous Horse stud farm Lipica. Riva still doesnt have the best hair lenght after the heat in august, but luckily we had a judge who is also a breeder and understands the "female things".

The club show was judged by well known austrian judge/breeder mrs. Sabine Kerschner. She was judging the dogs with a lot of patience and was very gentle. Riva, as the only black hovi at the show, was graded with Excellent 1, Junior winner and JBOB, Club junior Champion '17 title!

Second day at the CACIB Lipica show, judged by austrian judge mr. Günther Ehrenreich, she presented herself very nicely and became Best female - Excellent 1, Junior Winner, JBOB and BOS. She also fulfilled the conditions to obtain the title Junior Champion of Slovenia! It was a wonderful weekend in a great company of my friends. A huge thanks goes to Vanesa&Aleks for hospitality, to Alenka for the support and of course to my mom for all the help.


We have attended the traditional hovawart meeting, which was (this time) organized by us two - me and Tea. It turned out to be a great day in a wonderful company. The meeting took place close to our hometown. To not feel bored, we had a long walk for grown up hovis, PMP (NZB) for young hovis, ring trainig, lunch, many desserts and photoshotings.

29.8.2017 CAC TRBOVLJE

During the week we enjoy long walks, the girls swim in the river, "help" in the garden... they enjoy life. Weekends are sometimes dedicated to the shows and this was another such weekend. This time we attended the national show Trbovlje, located an hour's drive from our hometown. It was a very nice show with very big rings and enough space between them. We had visited this show only once until now, in 2007, with our Alessa. We knew that the temperatures would rise up high, so we had a cooling blanket with us, a tent and a lot of cold drinks. Hovawarts were judged by Hungarian judge, mr. Pettko Csaba in ring 2. There were 4 hovis registered and Riva was the youngest of them all and the only one of a black color. After a great presentation in junior class and a comparison with the other female she won the best of breed title. To sum up: Excellent 1, Junior Winner, JBOB and BOB. You can see us running for the grade in the movie below. We took some photos at the river bank, Riva went swimming and then we drove home.


On saturday morning we left our hometown at 2 in the morning and headed to Innsbruck. Due to the darkness and later the fog and rain there was no sign of the "beautiful views on the mountains". We arrived to the showplace on time, made ourselves comfortable, chatted with friends and then the judging started. Hovawarts were judged by Elizabeth Feuz (CH), who liked Riva very much and said to me that she also grew up with hovis. As always, Riva was presented in junior class and received the Excellent 1 grade with the Junior Winner and Best junior title. On Sunday, the hovis were judged by German judge Willi Gullix. What else can I say besides "shit happens". It started great. Riva was standing like a rock when the judged was touching her body and checked her bite. The description was perfect but unfortunately it ended with "runs in her very own style". Riva decided not to run and to leave the ring - why? I have no idea. Maybe she got distracted by the leftovers of poo in the ring, maybe she was fed up with the show, maybe something else bothered her. Anyway, anything can happen at a show and I'm sure this was not the worst thing that could have happened.


Finnaly, the seaside holidays! We spent the holidays on an island called Molat. The girls loved it - they were swimming multiple times per day, they enjoyed the long morning and evening walks, meeting new buddies and of course what hovis do best - supervising the surroundings. It doesn't happen often that we meet a hovawart in Croatia (even in the season full of turists) but this time we met a super friendly 15 months old male from Germany, named Milton. Riva liked him very much so they played a lot, while Avera behaved like a lady and wanted "the kids" to leaver her alone.

8.7.2017 CAC ROGLA

A week after the Bled show we attended the national show Rogla. The location of the show was very beautiful, the rings were big, the weather was great - not too hot and not too cold. Riva was presented in junior class, judged by mr. Boris Baič (SLO) and received the Excellent 2 grade because of her summer hair length. She was cooperating very nicely and I'm super proud of that but there is nothing we can do about the hair in summer.

30.6.2017 CACIB BLED

We spent a wonderful weekend at our friends house, B&B Pr' Bevc. with delicious food and great hospitality. We visited the CACIB Bled show, where Riva received Excellent 1, Junior Winner and JBOB. The weather at the showplace was horrible, a storm started with all it's glory right when the judging of hovis started.

The girls enjoyed the company of another hovi (Blue Pinus Alpinia) and together we went swimming - and yes, Riva has a life vest because the riverflow is very stong there and she is not the best swimmer yet & she won it in Hurtta's competition. The weekend passed by so quickly, it was almost hard to believe.


This day would belong to our dear Alessa - she would be 11 years old. 11.6. was also the date of CACIB Klagenfurt show where Riva was registered in junior class. We needed one hour and a half to reach our destination. We have to say that she show was beautiful. There was so much space around the rings and so big rings - we can only wish to have it always so. As mentioned Riva was presented in junior class, judged by mr. Hans Bierwolf from Austria. She got Excellent 1, Junior winner mark and the title Alpenjugendsiegerin. Our day passed by in a great company of our friends and Alessa's breeder Monika.

5.6.2017 CACIB UMAG

We spent this saturday at the seaside, attending international dog show in Umag. Because of the roadwork and possible waiting lines to pass the border we left home early in the morning. It was the first time that we attended this show and we can say it is really a beautiful one. Location is great - by the sea shore, in the park with lots of shade, space and big rings. Riva loves her cooling blanket so we took it with us - it was a great decision!

Hovawarts were judged by very friendly and gentle croatian judge mr.Siniša Cujan in the ring nr.3. We didn't have to wait long because there were only 3 breeds judged before hovawarts. It was a very hot day but Riva behaved very well and ran nicely. She was presented in junior class and got the following mark: Excellent 1, Best junior, JBOB and BOB. With this (third) Best junior title she also fulfilled the conditions to obtain the title Junior Champion of Croatia! After the show she got ice cream and pizza and of course trip to the beach.


During the weekend we attended two national croatian dog shows. On saturday was Riva's first show in junior class, on the day of the show, she was 9 months and 7 days old. Both shows were well organized, the showground was great - it was not crowded, we had enough space to relax and the weather was just perfect. On saturday at CAC Samobor hovawarts were judged by mr. Refet Hadžič (BIH). I was very happy how Riva presented herself in the ring. She received Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, and BOB.

On Sunday at CAC Velika Gorica hovawarts were judged by german judge mr.Torsten Lemmer. Riva again showed herself very nicely and had no problem with judge touching her and checking her teeth. As day before she received Excellent 1, JCAC, JBOB, BOB and title Junior Turopolje Winner. We are very proud of her!


We spent the first of may on vacation. It was Riva's ocean adventure, while Avera is by now a true "Mermaid". The weather was quite kind, so we took a trip to Nin as well. We had visited the town of Nin last year, but had to avoid the beach due to the crowd. The beach is actually a famous sandy lagoon, which is why it is usually filled to the last centimeter during summer. Since this was before the summer season, however, the only company we had was a single little dog that, just like out girls, had come to the beach to "burn" some of his energy. Despite having sand absolutely everywhere, watching the excitement of Riva and Avera was priceless. I mean, the photos below show the excitement better than I can describe it...

We also decided to visit Zadar and the well known Zadar sphinx. There are only few sphinxes in this part of Europe left, but this is the biggest of them all. It is also a very special Sphinx since it was built in memory of a beloved woman: it is said that it grants love wishes.


On April 15. Hovawart club Slovenia organized the Special show for hovawarts in Maribor. The judge was mr.Štefan Šinko, who is also the president of the Breeding committee of the club. Although the weather forecast was bad, we hoped for the best and got lucky - it was such a beautiful and sunny day. Riva was presented in puppy class, got Very promising 1, Best puppy, a very nice descripiton and many compliments from the judge. Thanks to our friends for a beautifully spent day.

3.4.2017 NZB

On the 1st of April, the Hovawart club of Slovenia organized a PMP (Pregled Mladih Psov) event in Domžale. The event was essentially equal to the Austrian NZB. Riva had no issues with any of the exercises. She played splendidly during the unfamiliar person test, did not hold back at all, and after every "victory" proudly brought the toy back to me. The bottle pile did not stop her from retrieving the toy either. The next exercise was "the group" - only another opportunity for Riva to sniff the pockets of the people around us in case anyone had something delicious. After that, someone held her outside the group while I was in the middle, surrounded by the same people as before. She quickly made her way through the group and leapt at me, demanding a cuddle.

I absolutely loved how relaxed and playful she was during the entire thing. What followed was the "chain drop" - Riva reacted appropriately to the sudden noise and immediately approached it to have a closer look. Curious as she is, she naturally had to see and smell everything up close. The final exercise, "the situation", involved an odd-looking doll on a chair. Riva did not think much of it and was happily wagging her tail as we approached. To finish things up, we played a little ourselves, the judge gave their comment, and we handed out the diplomas. We spent the afternoon in amazing company. For all the photographs we would like to thank Eva Oven. More pictures: GALLERY

30.3.2017 AT SCHOOL

A little bit of what we did last time at school. Riva is a fast learner and she loves to go to the school. We are visiting the school twice per week, but we also train at home. Almost every time we do a "5 minutes ring training".


Every month we have one "photo walk" to capture some memories. Riva is growing up, she has more and more hair, we are also back to dog school. Days are finally warm enough so the girls can enjoy in the stream and swim. Avera loves to jump (if deep enough) in the stream to "save" the drowning ball.

13.3.2017 PHOTOS: ARTOS

We have visited Artos and his family. He still thinks he is a small boy and that he will fit in our laps. Despite his size he is very gentle and loves to cuddle, he is a perfect family dog and companion to the small kids in "his" family. .

29.2.2017 CACIB CELJE, 18.2.2017

Riva attended her very first show - CACIB Celje judged by miss Bojana Razpotnik (SLO). She behaved and cooperated very nicely, got a lovely description and won the puppy class with mark Very promising 1, Best puppy. We are very proud of our young girl!

13.2.2017 DM TEST

We have received Riva's result of the DM test. The result is DM N/N. We are very happy!

13.2.2017 NEW PHOTOS

Riva is 6 months old. It is hard to believe how time flies, she is a very playful young hovi lady.


New photos of Allegra and Alexa, two sisters who are living together. Thank you Nina for the beautiful photos.


Our smart puppy finished the puppy school without any problems. She was the youngest and the smallest in the group, but showed to the others what hovis can do!

4.12.2016 RIVA AND VERA

We met with Riva's breeder Anna and her female (Riva's sister) Vera. The girls had fun running around while we chatted.


Hovawart club Slovenia organized a New Year's dinner for the members and Riva joined the dinner too. She was happy to see everyone, was giving kisses, wagging with her tail... After few hours she fall asleep but her energy suddenly came back as soon as she heard the plates being brought to the table. Who would think... :)

3.12.2016 PHOTOS: AMBER

Klara sent us new photos of her Lili (Amber ex Horto Albo). Thank you Klara, Lili looks wonderful!

23.11.2016 RIVA, ZOJA and REA

Three young, black and crazy girls had a lot of fun yesterday.


Our family just got bigger. Our new member Riva is born in Warsaw, in the kennel named Enormous (breeder Anna Pieczynska). Her father is a black finnish male Steinroller Odd-Leif and mother a polish female with german pedigree Enormous Brilliant Vegas. More about her can be found here


Alessa's health deteriorated so much that there was simply no way to save her. We lost our beloved girl way too soon, but we will remember and love her forever.

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